Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds

Available with all Roller and Vision (Day & Night) fabrics, you are in charge with a radio remote.

Motorised roller blinds offer the perfect child safe solution eliminating any free hanging cords.

Reasons to choose Motorised blinds

  • Available on all of our Roller blind and Vision (Day & Night) fabrics
  • Includes a five channel remote which is easy to programme and operate multiple blinds simultaneously or separately in a number of configurations to suit the situation
  • Rechargeable battery with a three pin blind charger inserted directly into the blind
  • Fully charge takes 24 hours for between 5-7 months of usage
How do I charge the blind and how long does it last? Plugging directly into the motor and charging into a 3 pin plug socket for 24 hours, will give a full charge in the first instance. Used once a day, this will last on average for between 5-7 months.

Are motorised blinds good for children’s bedrooms?

By choosing a motorised roller blind, any dangling cords are replaced with a motor that sits neatly in the headrail, making them the perfect child safe solution. Operated by a remote handset, you are in full control. However, no matter what blinds are chosen for a child’s bedroom, or any room at all, every blind will be supplied with a child safe device for controlling cords.

What fabrics can I use for motorised blinds?

All Roller blind and Vision (Day & Night) are available on the motorised roller system.

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